No matter the application, ACRYLITE® block makes a powerful statement. Its undistorted view enhances a product or message without distracting from it. Crystal clear ACRYLITE® block has high mechanical and chemical resistance and is easy to work with, even in complex fabrications.

  • crystal clear, undistorted view
  • monolithic-no lamination
  • high resistance to solvents and chemicals
  • 30 year warranty against yellowing

Features & benefits

ACRYLITE® block acrylic is monolithic. It can be manufactured in large sizes to produce glazing for pressure equipment. The result is a homogenous block that is extremely stable, without joints or weak points.

ACRYLITE® block also provides impressive machining and fabrication behavior which allows it to be routed, drilled, sawed, and durably thermoformed into unique designs. It can also be shaped without losing any of its robustness.

ACRYLITE® block is ideal is the clear choice for creating modern and safe designs.  Popular uses include pools, water structures, aquariums, tanks, hyperbaric chambers, underwater marine vessels, zoo encloses, furniture and POP retail displays.

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