Successful Project Planning Through Proper Material Specification

Gathering and documenting product specifications is essential for specifiers as it forms the basis for successful project planning and communication. This practice enhances project outcomes, saves time and costs, and promotes transparency throughout the process. Without accurate specifications, there's a risk of substitutions being made, often leading to compromises in quality and functionality that can adversely impact the project's success. To help with this, we have provided some tips for clear communication of ACRYLITE® product specifications, reducing the risk of subpar substitutions.

Tips to Specify ACRYLITE® Acrylic

When specifying ACRYLITE® acrylic, it is important to include the official product name and required thickness in the specification sheet.

Refer to the image below on where to find this information within a product dropdown box. By providing these details, it will enable us to provide the utmost assistance when discussing the project.


1. Product Specification name

2. Desired thickness of product


Other Helpful Resources


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