ACRYLITE® acrylic tubes are the highest quality tubes on the market delivering both superior performance and extended durability. These tubes are characterized by their flawless optics and perfectly-smooth surface, free from striation.

  • flawless optics and smooth surface free of lines
  • superior UV resistance and weatherability
  • dimensional accuracy and excellent circularity
  • 10 year non-yellowing warranty

Features & benefits

The industry leading optical clarity of ACRYLITE® tubes is immediately evident when compared to lesser competitive products showing noticeable distortion and die lines.

ACRYLITE® WN970 GT tubes are a 7328 shade of white. These high-gloss white tubes have no noticeable die or distortion lines and provide even illumination, with no hot spots, when internally lit. They are ideal for internal and external lighting applications.

ACRYLITE® 0A070 GT tubes have the highest clarity and optical brilliance on the market that allow for a clear view of all details.

ACRYLITE® tubes are also available with a frosted surface.

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