ACRYLITE® Resist multi-skin

ACRYLITE® multi-skin products are the most advanced line of uncompromising acrylic building products on the market today for conservatories & greenhouses, patios or carports and creative interior applications. They have been used extensively in the design and construction of award-winning research facilities, commercial greenhouses, museums, libraries, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, outdoor leisure spaces, retail facilities and private residences across the globe. These products are also great for use in distancing applications such as protective barriers and office partitions.

  • incredible ability to transmit light
  • energy savings capabilities that can reduce costs by up to 40 percent
  • exceptional weatherability

Features & benefits

The natural UV stability of ACRYLITE® acrylic allows us to offer both UV-blocking and UV- transmitting versions. ACRYLITE® glazing includes three styles for greenhouses: an 8 mm multi-skin, a 16 mm multi-skin and a special wide-rib 16 mm multi-skin called ACRYLITE® Alltop. All styles include our NO DRIP coating. Water condensing on NO DRIP spreads into a film, scattering less light than droplets of water. The coating also sheets water away instead of dripping on plants.

Explore our other multi-skin products with different benefits: ACRYLITE® Alltop & ACRYLITE® Heatstop high impact mulit-skin


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