ACRYLITE® Optical mar-resistant

ACRYLITE® Optical mar resistant acrylic has excellent abrasion and chemical resistant properties with outstanding optical quality.

It offers 40 times the mar resistance of uncoated sheet. For applications subject to frequent public contact, such as displays, exhibits and fixtures, abrasion resistant sheet will help maintain a “like-new” premium appearance much longer.

  • resists marring. scratching, and staining
  • can be cleaned with household cleaners
  • provides outstanding optical clarity
  • un-coated side is ideal for silk screening

Features & benefits

Frequent cleaning can also be a challenge to uncoated sheet. The challenge is met by using ACRYLITE® Optical mar resistant sheet products. They can be cleaned with ordinary glass cleaners and still maintain their sparkling clarity.

It is available with coating on one side or two sides. While two-side coated sheet provides maximum protection, one-side coated sheet offers economical advantages for applications where only one side of the sheet is exposed. In addition, the un-coated side is ideal for silk screening. (Blue strip tape identifies the coated side)

It withstands the adverse effects of outdoor weathering and has been found to experience no significant loss of light transmittance or any appreciable increase in yellowing after an accelerated weathering period of 3000 hours Xenon Arc. This ensures many years of trouble free performance.

ACRYLITE® Optical mar resistant acrylic is also light weight, at half the weight of glass and is very easily fabricated. It is ideal for use in high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, and retail locations.

ACRYLITE® Optical mar resistant coated sheet significantly extends the service life of the product. Although the coating provides an extremely hard surface to resist these abuses, it is not resistant to intentional gouging with sharp tipped objects, such as knives or screwdrivers.


Applications include:

One-Sided Coating:

Two-Sided Coating:
  • Glazing
  • P-O-P Displays
  • Menu Boards
  • Signs & Directories
  • Furniture & Interiors
  • Framing
  • Sports Arena Glazing
  • Security Glazing
  • Automotive Interiors
  • Instrument Cluster Panels


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ACRYLITE® for Sneeze Guards & Distancing Applications

There's many great benefits when using ACRYLITE® mar resistant acrylic for your protective barrier needs!