DIY Floating Picture Frame Tutorial By ACRYLITE®

If you don't already know, ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet is a great alternative to glass, especially when it comes to a floating gallery frame. Try our diy floating picture frame tutorial and create a finished piece you'll cherish for years to come. Read below as we guide you through creating your very own floating gallery frame!

What You'll Need:

  • ACRYLITE® acrylic sheets
  • Standoff mounts
  • Drill & drill bit*
  • Level*
  • Painter's & scotch tape*
  • Clamp*
  • Piece of scrap wood or cardboard*
  • Family photos

*These items can be found at your local hardware store.

transparent framing grade clear defect free acrylic sheet

Step 1. Pick Your Acrylic

We recommend using our ACRYLITE® Gallery framing grade (FF3) for this project. However, you can check out our full selection in the ACRYLITE® Gallery framing product portfolio as well as ACRYLITE® digital print.

Step 2. Drill Holes into Acrylic

It's best to keep the masking on your acrylic sheet. Drilling with the masking on offers added protection for the sheet. Before you start, put two pieces of acrylic together and tape the four corners to ensure they do not slide out of place. Clamp down your two pieces of acrylic sheet to the surface you'll be drilling on. You will want to place a piece of scrap wood or cardboard underneath to protect from damaging the table surface when drilling. Mark where you will be drilling using a ruler to ensure all holes are evenly spaced. It's recommended to tape over the spot you'll be drilling before adding the marks so the drill bit has something to grab onto as it goes into the sheet.

Use a drill bit that accommodates the size of the standoff mount. Let the drill do the work as you gradually lead it through the acrylic sheet. Remove all tape and masking. Repeat this step until all sheets have proper holes. For a more detailed explanation on how to achieve perfect holes without causing them to blow out, check out our fabrication manual on drilling.

Step 3. Add Photos to Acrylic

Now that your sheet has the proper drilled holes, you can add your photos. Make sure your acrylic is as clean as possible before placing your pictures. Use a small amount of scotch tape on the bottom layer of acrylic to hold your photo in place. Stack on top the second layer of acrylic.

Step 4. Drill Holes into Wall

Mark the spots on the wall before drilling. Make sure they align with the spacing of the holes on the acrylic sheets. You can hold up your sheet and trace the holes on the wall to ensure they're spaced properly. Take the screw and barrel from the standoff mount and drill into the wall where you've placed the marked spots. You'll want to slowly increase bit speed as you go. Repeat this process until all mounts are in place.

Step 5. Final Install

You're almost there! Take your framed photo and attach to the mounts on the wall. Repeat this step until all mounts are securely holding up your floating gallery frame.

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Pinterest photo credit goes to At Charlotte's House Blog. Instagram handle: @charlotteshouse.

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