Framing Large Pieces with ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP3)

Make Your Mark Framing Co. was tasked with framing a few large pieces for TriStar Bank in Columbia, Tennessee. The two flags and the vintage map each measured over 40” x 60” in dimension. Taking size into consideration, the team wanted to use a glazing material that would be lightweight for safety purposes.

Choosing ACRYLITE® proved to be the right decision. Being half the weight of glass, this material kept excess weight to a minimum. Not only that, but the treasured pieces now remain protected against damaging UV light since ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering material blocks over 99% of UV rays. A job well done from the team at Make Your Mark Framing Co.!


Location: Columbia, Tennessee

Product: ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP3)

Fabricator: Make Your Mark Framing Co.

Supplier: Studio Moulding | CMI Moulding

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ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering OP3

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Framing Large Pieces with ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP3)

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