Excellent Visibility and Protection with ACRYLITE® Gallery Acrylic

Susan Mesick, an artist from southern Maine, used custom sized ACRYLITE® Gallery non-glare (P99) acrylic sheet to glaze a few of her pieces now hanging in her home studio. The two pieces are called By the Window and Millpond.

She was pleased with the results as the material came with clean edges and in the exact dimensions needed, making it extremely easy to work with. ACRYLITE® P99 non-glare sheet is designed to minimize glare and reflection and maximize the unhindered viewing of framed artwork and prints. This special matte finish shows off the art from almost any angle under typical lighting conditions which made this material a great option for Mesick's project.

This was not the first time Mesick has worked with this material, however. She used ACRYLITE® P99 for a past project where she glazed select pieces of her artwork to be displayed in the Sanford High School in Sanford, Maine. The pieces were hung at eye level where students and teachers would be walking by them countless times a day, so selecting a material that was both durable and could protect the artwork was essential.

Looking at the images of her framed artwork now displayed in her home, it's hard to tell that there's a piece of acrylic in front of the paintings. ACRYLITE® Gallery non-glare (P99), among the other gallery products within the ACRYLITE® for framing product portfolio, offer excellent visibility and great protection to keep framed pieces looking brand new for many years to come. To find more of Susan Mesick's artwork, visit artguildofthekennebunks.com.

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