Picture Perfect Framing

Jason Kinney is a Portland based photographer and creative who has been using ACRYLITE® to frame collections of artwork he's obtained over the years. His collectibles consist of 19th century engravings and his partner's collection of his grandfather's etchings which were suffering from severe mat burn and desperately needed to be refreshed with new mats and glazing.

Jason chose ACRYLITE® UV filtering (OP3) for his projects after finding a local distributor who sold it cut-to-size.

One trick he uses before setting the sheet into place is to wipe the panels with a moist/wet rag dispelling the static before peeling off the protective layers. He learned this trick from the internet and it has worked really well for him as we can tell by his stunning framework on these classic pieces!

To keep up with Jason's latest projects, check out his website jasonkinney.art and follow him on Instagram at pimpernel49.


Location: Portland, OR

Product: ACRYLITE® UV filtering (OP3)

Fabricator: jasonkinney.art

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