ACRYLITE® acrylic sheets are also known as plastic sheets or acrylic panels and are often a great alternative to glass. Our materials are manufactured to fit a wide range of applications. You can find materials such as premium, markerboard, tube, and digital print, among other acrylic sheet options. Discover more about each material and find the properties that work best for your needs.

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No matter the application, ACRYLITE® acrylic block makes a powerful statement. Its undistorted view enhances a product or message without distracting from it. Crystal clear ACRYLITE® block has high mechanical and chemical resistance and is easy to work with, even in complex fabrications.

ACRYLITE® digital print

ACRYLITE® digital print acrylic sheet is manufactured with enhanced adhesion properties for UV curable inks used in today’s flatbed digital printers. This material's optical clarity ensures color accuracy and brilliance on every print. It is available in colorless, white and black, as well as with non-glare surface or as a markerboard.

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ACRYLITE® digital print pop touch

Designed to meet ADA compliance standards, this premium acrylic sheet provides superior ink adhesion on both sides, ideal for first and second surface printing. ACRYLITE® digital print pop touch acrylic is specifically tailored for wide-format digital printers capable of rendering 3D surfaces and braille. The sheet's enhanced adhesion properties ensure the UV ink bonds strongly to the acrylic surface without the need for primers or adhesion promoters.

ACRYLITE® markerboard

ACRYLITE® Acrylic Marker Board offers a smooth and glossy appearance while providing unsurpassed chemical and abrasion resistance. Say goodbye to residual ghosting and upgrade your office with ACRYLITE® dry erase board. It cleans easily and maintains its durability for years of continued use. At 10 to 20 times more impact strength than glass, it is a safer alternative for high-traffic areas while offering the same sophisticated appearance.

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ACRYLITE® pop touch

ACRYLITE® POP Touch acrylic sheet is continuously manufactured to exacting standards for excellent optics, light stability, and superior thickness tolerance. It has a frosted surface texture designed to reduce glare for interior signs, displays, and graphics.


ACRYLITE® Premium (FF) is the highest quality continuously manufactured sheet on the market today. Our Premium (FF) sheet is a lightweight, rigid, and weather-resistant thermoplastic that is dimensionally stable in maintaining its form, resistant to breakage and can be easily fabricated and cemented. Premium (FF) products provide tight thickness tolerances, preventing visible distortions and inconsistencies in fabricated parts and low stress levels for better mechanical strength, pliability and durability.


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ACRYLITE® acrylic tubes are the highest quality tubes on the market delivering both superior performance and extended durability. These tubes are characterized by their flawless optics and perfectly-smooth surface, free from striation.

Application stories

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A Transparent Pool For Tigers

When visitors to the Dreamworld theme park in Australia visit Tiger Island, their view is immediately drawn to a pool with a huge, curved aquarium panel. This may astonish some people who want to observe the large predators. After all, cats typically do not like water. However, tigers and jaguars are exceptions to this rule. You could even go as far as to say that tigers like water.

Acrylic Aquarium Bar In Shopping Mall In Slovakia

ACRYLITE® Acrylic Tubes, Perfectly Suited for Microalgae Cultivation

ACRYLITE® at the 2019 Printing United Trade Show

ACRYLITE® Block Jazzes Up Franz Liszt Concert Hall

ACRYLITE® Block Showcased at the Reiss Façade in London

ACRYLITE® Captures Patient Motion in Transformative Art Installation