Transparent Sink Fixtures Made with ACRYLITE®

Jaeger responded to its customers’ demands for a fully functional transparent sink by creating a model in which water lines run through pipes made of ACRYLITE® tube. The air bubbles rise up along the outer walls of the sink, which are illuminated by LEDs to create a cool effect.

The sink, base, and frame are made of ACRYLITE® cast for durability. ACRYLITE® tube has superior performance and clarity which made it a perfect addition to the sink. The floor is made with ACRYLITE® mirror which combines elegance and creativity.

Selection Criteria

  • Good light-conducting properties
  • Elegant, high-gloss surface
  • Works very well with adhesives
  • Wide variety of excellent processing options


Location: The Living kitchen trade show in Cologne

Product: ACRYLITE® cast colorless (thickness: 30 mm & 5 mm), ACRYLITE® tube & ACRYLITE® Reflections mirror

Fabricator: Jaeger Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH Gladbacher Str. 17, 52525 Heinsberg, Germany

Customer: Blanco GmbH & Co.KG, 75038 Oberderdingen, Germany

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Transparent Sink Fixtures Made with ACRYLITE®