The Illuminating Park Bench Featuring ACRYLITE®

“The Crystal” was based on the Lightbench “Classic,” an RGB-illuminated park bench controlled from a smart phone or iPad. The crystal-clear ACRYLITE® seat and backrest elements were custom made specifically for this project and filled with loose SWAROVSKI glass crystals using a special, complex process that optimizes light refraction within individual SWAROVSKI glass crystals. The light originates from internal RGB illumination or from natural or artificial light entering from outside of the bench.

Selection Criteria

  • Capable of conducting and scattering artificial light
  • 30-year warranty
  • Highly durable
  • Weatherable
  • Easy to care for surface


Product: ACRYLITE® clear/white

Processor: LBO LichtBankObjekte, 2014 (

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