Acrylic Aquarium Bar In Shopping Mall In Slovakia

Surrounded by colorful sea creatures, visitors to this mall enjoy a peaceful aquatic environment thanks to ACRYLITE® acrylic block.

The structure consists of three massive round aquariums varying in height and diameter using 2.4" acrylic block. All blocks were thermoformed in a heating cabinet and then bonded using ACRIFIX® reactive cement, a multi-component adhesive to ensure a bubble-free, durable bond.

Selection Criteria

  • Unsurpassed light transmission without optical distortion, lightweight, high impact strength and easy to form and bond:
  • The light transmission of ACRYLITE® block is a 92%. With glass, there is a loss of more than 60% light transmission at a thickness of 2.4''.
  • Acrylic block meets the structural requirements compared to glass. The material can be thermoformed and cemented what is an important feature when manufacturing custom round aquariums.


Location: Shopping mall in Zilinia, Slovakia

Fabricator: Schuran OHG, Jülich

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Acrylic Aquarium Bar In Shopping Mall In Slovakia

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