The Ultimate 360° Shark Experience!

The 360° shark aquarium at the "Haus des Meeres" offers visitors an unforgettable view of over 1,000 fish. The enormous tank, made of ACRYLITE® acrylic block, can be admired from every angle.

Reef sharks glide silently and gracefully through the water, presenting a majestic sight. When viewed from below through the acrylic panel, visitors can see their wide, blunt snouts up close. As these sleek predators swim by at eye level, their distinctive silhouettes and dorsal fins are clearly visible. The sharks' sudden turns just before reaching the aquarium panel add an element of surprise, making them the stars of this amazing exhibit. The 360° aquarium at Haus des Meeres" aquatic zoo stands out as one of the most remarkable tanks in the aquatic zoo, offering a unique experience.

The marine aquarium replicates an Indo-Pacific coral reef, creating a vibrant underwater environment. As visitors walk around the 1,300 square-foot tank, they can marvel at the array of tropical fish swimming among the coral formations. “It’s like diving in the Maldives,” proudly remarks Hans Köppen, CEO of Haus des Meeres. The artificial reef is home to more than 1,000 fish, living in the caverns and hollows of the reef. These colorful marine creatures are separated from visitors by a six-inch-thick ACRYLITE® acrylic block panel, ensuring both safety and a clear view of this enchanting underwater world.

Crystal Clear and Undistorted View

The water tank was made from ACRYLITE® block totaling 140 feet. This block acrylic from POLYVANTIS withstands enormous water pressures and can be shaped into cylinders or tunnels. It is completely clear and offers an undistorted view, showcasing underwater creatures in their true form, without any size distortion, tint, or cloudiness.

Up Close and Personal

Visitors can get up close and personal with sharks, rays, and vibrant fish, experiencing them from every angle.

Photo courtesy of Haus des Meeres

Precision Work for Invisible Joints

The 360° aquarium is the largest and most impressive attraction at the Haus des Meeres. This massive 500-ton tank is situated on the eighth floor, creating a unique engineering challenge. To ensure the tank's stability, a robust 50-ton steel structure was installed two floors below, providing the necessary support.

Designing the 360° view was particularly challenging. The design goal was for visitors to experience an unobstructed view of the marine world from every angle, free from any steel beams or visible joints that could detract from the immersive experience. This was accomplished using enormous single blocks of ACRYLITE® acrylic. The acrylic material was bonded through a complex process, resulting in invisible seams as strong as the acrylic itself. This meticulous bonding process ensured the tank's joints remained unseen, preserving the seamless panoramic view.

The construction of the tank's components involved nine pieces manufactured by K-TEC thermoforming solutions. The largest of these pieces measures an impressive 32 feet in length and nearly nine feet in height. The precision and expertise required to create these enormous acrylic panels were paramount to achieving the aquarium's flawless design.

Giant Blocks

ACRYLITE® blocks offer exceptional machining and fabrication properties, making them ideal for creating unique designs. These blocks can be easily routed, drilled, sawed, and thermoformed while maintaining their durability and strength. Their ability to be shaped into intricate forms without compromising robustness sets them apart. Read more about
ACRYLITE® block for Aquariums, Tanks and Water Structures.

Heavy Duty

“The raw panels are shaped in extensive thermal processes using purpose-built molds manufactured at K-TEC thermoforming solutions; the resulting panels are free of indents and extremely precise. They are then contoured using a 3D milling process to an accuracy of hundredths of an inch. Precise milling is essential when later joining the individual elements,” describes Üblagger.

Challenging Installation and Precise Timing

Incorporating these huge pieces into the building was a major task. The glass facade on the eighth floor had to be partly opened to fit the two longest pieces of the tank components. The timing of this operation was crucial in order to match the completion of the seventh-floor ceiling, so work on the other floors could continue. The detailed planning and execution of this engineering and logistical efforts that went into creating the 360° aquarium at the Haus des Meeres.

Unmatched Durability & Clarity Guarantee

ACRYLITE® block is UV stabilized, ensuring long-lasting clarity and protection against yellowing, even after decades of exposure to UV light. This remarkable UV resistance maintains the material's brilliance and transparency over time. In addition to its UV stability, ACRYLITE® acrylic offers outstanding compressive strength making it a reliable choice for demanding applications, setting the standard for quality and durability in the market.

ACRYLITE® block comes with a 10-Year Light Transmission, 30-Year Non-Yellowing Warranty

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