ACRYLITE® for Aquariums and Pools

Water structures are becoming ever more spectacular, from aquariums and enclosures where visitors come face to face with sea animals, to pools with see-through walls. ACRYLITE® is the ideal choice for these applications because it makes a powerful statement. When using ACRYLITE® to craft an aquarium or pool design, its absolutely colorless appearance leaves an undistorted view in. In particular, crystal-clear ACRYLITE® block has high mechanical and chemical resistance and is easy to work with, even in complex fabrications. Even deep sea pressures are no problem for ACRYLITE®. It has eleven times the impact strength of glass, whether deep below the sea or in hyperbaric chambers used for medical purposes on land.

  • eye catching architectural elegance
  • products provide optical brilliance and transparency
  • material is monolithic and homogeneous for extremely stable applications

Application stories

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A Transparent Pool For Tigers

When visitors to the Dreamworld theme park in Australia visit Tiger Island, their view is immediately drawn to a pool with a huge, curved aquarium panel. This may astonish some people who want to observe the large predators. After all, cats typically do not like water. However, tigers and jaguars are exceptions to this rule. You could even go as far as to say that tigers like water.

Acrylic Aquarium Bar In Shopping Mall In Slovakia

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