Holland Signs Chooses ACRYLITE® For Their Many Projects

The Holland Design Group, Inc. has been a sign manufacturing business for over 40 years! The things that remain constant with every project are their attention to detail, the care for those who use their projects, and the quality of their goods including ACRYLITE®. Holland Signs has used ACRYLITE® for many of their projects. See below some recent projects using ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet.

A Canopy for Meli Cafe

This project used 1/2" Green Glass.

A Brick and Mortar Business Sign

This project for First Bank of Highland Park used ACRYLITE® cast green 6H22 GT.

An Outside Wall Mounted Logo

This project for ChiroMend Natural Health Center used 1" clear cast.

The variety of applications ACRYLITE® is used for in the sign industry is unbelievable. You can check out more of Holland Signs impressive work on Instagram @thehollandsigns as well as on their website at Holland Signs.

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Holland Signs Chooses ACRYLITE® For Their Many Projects