ACRYLITE® for Flat Sign Faces

A flat sign face is a completely flat acrylic insert that creates a very clean and sleek sign design. They are often used in sign cabinets and pylon signs. This type of sign is both economical and has a fast turnaround time. When using ACRYLITE® acrylic, you can expect a quality sign face fit for indoor or outdoor use.

  • generate attention with a flat sleek look
  • economical and long-lasting
  • a variety of materials to create a quality sign

IAPD article - Selecting a substrate for high-end permanent sign faces

Application stories

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Holland Signs Chooses ACRYLITE® For Their Many Projects

The Holland Design Group, Inc. has been a sign manufacturing business for over 40 years! The things that remain constant with every project are their attention to detail, the care for those who use their projects, and the quality of their goods including ACRYLITE®.

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