ACRYLITE® digital print

ACRYLITE® digital print acrylic sheet is manufactured with enhanced adhesion properties for UV curable inks used in today’s flatbed digital printers. This material's optical clarity ensures color accuracy and brilliance on every print. It is available in colorless and white, as well as with a mar resistant coating or non-glare surface.

  • beautiful exposed edges when polished
  • perfect for wide format printing
  • enhanced adhesion properties for UV curable inks
  • special packaging that controls moisture and ensures a flat sheet

Features & benefits

ACRYLITE® digital print's shows the superior adhesion properties optimal ink adhesion to that of standard acrylic after being cross hatched. This provides additional durability in handling, shipping, and installation.

Get Rid of Adhesion Promoters - With this material, there's no longer a need to apply the promoter before the application of ink. Save time and money by printing directly onto the sheet.

Tested by the Experts - ACRYLITE® digital print has been developed and tested with leading digital UV flatbed printers to ensure a perfect print every time.

All the Same Benefits of ACRYLITE® Premium Acrylic - This material features all of the same benefits our premium sheet has to offer; strength, durability, and lightweight qualities.

Unique Masking Configuration - This material features low-static masking to prevent interference with the digital printing operation. White masking is on the printing side and clear masking is on the non-printing side, which for second-surface prints, allows the user to inspect their result while the clear masking is still on.

Tight Thickness Tolerance - This feature helps to eliminate risk of print head damage.

Additional Properties Available - This material is also available with a mar resistant coating or with a white or non-glare surface.

For a full product demonstration, watch our video:
Versatility of Acrylic in the Digital Printing Space


Our colorless product offers:

Superior Clarity - Being a crystal clear sheet, it maximizes visual impact.

Water-Clear Edge Color - The edges of this sheet are water-clear for beautiful exposed edges when polished.


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Product video

Product Spotlight Series: ACRYLITE® Digital Print

ACRYLITE® Digital Print acrylic sheet is known for its excellent ink adhesion, but will it pass the cross-hatch adhesion test? Watch as our Product & Applications Development Engineer, Chris Airoldi, puts this material to the test.

For a full product demonstration, watch our video:
Versatility of Acrylic in the Digital Printing Space