1. Enhanced Adhesion Properties

Printing on standard acrylic can be risky because the material is not formulated to promote ink adhesion. Sometimes, you can achieve what looks like a good print, but when post-printing steps such as routing are initiated, ink delamination can be the result.

To satisfy this concern, ACRYLITE® digital print acrylic sheet provides enhanced adhesion properties for UV curable inks used in today’s flatbed digital printers. It features a special coextruded printable layer on one side of the sheet that allows these inks to adhere extremely well.

Click here to watch our video and discover how ACRYLITE® digital print acrylic sheet adhesion performed during a cross-hatch adhesion test!

2. Water-Clear Edge Color & Superior Optical Clarity Throughout

Some competitive materials have edge colors that have a tinted appearance. This can result in a color shift of the final print leading to an unsightly finished product. ACRYLITE® digital print acrylic sheet features a water-clear edge color which enhances the overall look of the print. Once the edges are polished, they can be beautifully exposed if a frame is not desired.

Additionally, the crystal-clarity throughout this material maximizes visual impact and allows for the colors within the print to pop with accuracy and brilliance.

3. Easy to Fabricate

This sheet can be easily fabricated using the same machining parameters and equipment that are recommended for use with ACRYLITE® premium acrylic sheet. Whether you want to saw-cut, rout, laser-cut, drill, edge finish, cement, or something else, this material will perform well.

In some instances, better results can be obtained if the orientation of the printed surface is taken into account during fabrication. Follow our printing fabrication manual to ensure success during these processes.

4. Unique Masking Configuration

ACRYLITE® digital print acrylic sheet features low-static masking to prevent interference with the digital printing operation. White poly masking is on the printing side and clear poly masking is on the non-printing side. The non-printing side also has strip tape on it indicating to “print other side”. The non-printing side also has strip tape on it indicating to “print other side”. The use of clear poly masking on the non-printing side allows the user to view their final second-surface printed work through the protective clear poly and reduces the chance of damaging the surface.

5. Additional Colors & Properties Available

This material is available in both colorless and white to satisfy every need. The colorless material also can come as a digital print markerboard product or with a or non-glare surface for an even better-looking view to your final print.