ACRYLITE® LED sign grade

For over 35 years, Roehm America has been offering the highest quality acrylic products for the sign industry.

ACRYLITE® sign grade was developed specifically for the sign market. It combines lightweight and high optical quality with outstanding ease of fabrication and greater impact strength than standard acrylic sheet.

  • impact modified with superior strength
  • remarkable color consistency
  • tight thickness tolerances during production
  • withstands the adverse effects of the sun

Features & benefits

While there are many products available for the signage industry, our brand offers the very best to satisfy your sign requirements. ACRYLITE® LED sign grade offers the following benefits:


Highest Impact Resistance in its Class - This material is an impact modified acrylic. Being 10x stronger than standard acrylic, it resists breakage during storage, fabrication, shipping, and installation.

Pair it with Light - It is optimized for use with LEDs and all other light sources.

Easy to Fabricate - It can be sawed, drilled, routed, painted, & cemented with ease, plus it resists chipping & melting.

Reduced Labor & Energy Costs when Thermoforming - Thermoforms at lower temperatures, and does not require pre-drying under normal circumstances. This greatly reduces labor and energy costs while increasing your throughput.

Vibrant Color Consistency & Uniformity - Achieve unsurpassed color consistency which greatly exceeds polycarbonate, even when the PC has a secondary “UV protective coating”.

Excellent Weatherability - Ability to withstand most outdoor conditions for many years without significant deterioration of clarity, color, or physical properties.

Backed by our Warranty - ACRYLITE® LED sign grade WRT30 and WRT31 come with a 30-year warranty.


Sign manufacturers need to ensure that signs withstand the adverse effects of the sun, and a truly superior sign is one that lasts a long time. Signs made with this sheet are built to last, and outdoor channel letters retain their color and impact strength for many years.

Even UV-protected polycarbonate sheet will show signs of weathering long before ACRYLITE® LED sign grade.


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ACRYLITE® LED sign grade

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