ACRYLITE® Resist sheet

Continuously manufactured ACRYLITE® Resist sheet is a versatile, thermoplastic material developed for the retail display and glazing markets as well as other markets requiring strength, appearance and weatherability.

  • highest impact resistance in its class
  • high optical clarity
  • backed by our warranty
Golf cart with clear impact resistant windshield

Features & benefits

This high optical quality sheet provides the beautiful look of acrylic with much greater impact strength for durability during manufacturing, shipping, and in-store use. Rigid, tough, and lightweight, ACRYLITE® Resist is easily fabricated and machined. It can be sawed, drilled, routed, painted, & cemented with ease, plus it resists chipping & melting.

ACRYLITE® Resist thermoforms at lower temperatures and does not require pre-drying under normal circumstances. This greatly reduces labor and energy costs while increasing your throughput. The excellent weatherability properties enable the acrylic to withstand most outdoor conditions for many years without significant deterioration of clarity, color, or physical properties.

Hurricane Compliance - Miami-Dade County, Florida Notice of Acceptance (NOA 21-0728.06) component approved for Resist 65.

Approximately 20 times stronger than standard acrylic, it resists breakage during storage, fabrication, shipping, and installation. Common applications include skylights, POP displays, store fixtures, glazing, sneeze guards, social distancing barriers and general fabrication.

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Testing ACRYLITE® Resist's Impact Resistance

Technical Data


ACRYLITE® Resist 45 and 65 Colorless

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