ACRIFIX® 1S 0117 Pure Sample Kit

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  • Solvent Based Cement
  • Free of methylene chloride
  • No crazing or blushing
  • Made in Germany
  • Product only ships ground
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ACRIFIX® Solvent Cements offer the ideal combination of quick drying and strength. The rapid initial bonding reaction provides firmness and agility, which is ideal for bonding small parts.

ACRIFIX® 1S 0117 solvent acrylic cement is a clear, fluid adhesive developed utilizing a patented formula to provide an alternative to cements containing dichloromethane. This product is optimized for a capillary effect and can be used without applying pressure to the bonded part. ACRIFIX® 1S 0117 is not gap-filling and typical applications include displays and store fixtures.

Applications used are preferred for making T-joints and bonding narrow areas of types of acrylic (PMMA) to itself, (i.e. ACRYLITE® premium, ACRYLITE® Resist, and ACRYLITE® cast acrylic sheet or parts made from ACRYLITE® molding compounds), as well as to other thermoplastics such as ABS, PS, and PVC. Bonds produced from ACRIFIX® 1S 0117 solvent cement are strong, clear, and firm up within a short amount of time. Rapid further treatment is possible as well, but one should conduct prior tests if necessary.

Item ships separately via FedEx Ground. 

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