ACRYLITE® for Channel Letters

These custom-made acrylic faces form letters that are then put in a metal 'can'. They are commonly used for public and commercial outdoor signs. They are often internally lit with LEDs to ensure optimal visibility during all times of the day. ACRYLITE® acrylic not only offers a multitude of colors and fabrication options for unique channel letter designs, but is an extremely weatherable material leading to long-lasting signs no matter if they are indoor or outdoor.

  • energy efficient when used with LEDs
  • dimensional letters increase readability
  • multiple design, lighting and mounting options

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Application stories

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ACRYLITE® Acrylic Used In Mack Truck’s Brand Logo

Allen Industries used ACRYLITE® LED color changing acrylic sheet in the production of Mack Truck’s new brand logo. The refreshed design enabled by the color changing feature of the acrylic sheet aligns with Mack Truck’s present-day, forward-thinking approach to the heavy-duty truck industry and their customers.

ACRYLITE® Cast Used For Audi At The Ski World Cup

ACRYLITE® Used To Create Illuminated Signage

Holland Signs Chooses ACRYLITE® For Their Many Projects

Illuminated Advertising That Even Survives in the Desert

OfficeMax Signs Uses ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade acrylic

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