ACRYLITE® for Commercial Greenhouse

ACRYLITE® multi-skin products were originally designed for the commercial greenhouse industry over 40 years ago. Since then, the technology behind it has been continually improved. Cooperating with the world’s leading growers, our research led to the most advanced material. Now, our state-of-the-art greenhouse glazing materials deliver decades of performance. Discover long-term success and exceptional return on investment in the farming and horticulture markets when building your commercial greenhouse using ACRYLITE®.

  • successfully grow plants, vegetables and more
  • materials are built to last for many years
  • materials work great for large greenhouses


How to prevent greenhouse condensation

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Application stories

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ACRYLITE® Greenbelt Microgreens Story

While the crop he’s built a business around may be teeny, tiny, Greenbelt Microgreens owner Ian Adamson’s big picture thinking is yielding some pretty impressive results.

ACRYLITE® Resist At Rosa Flora

C. Raker & Sons, Inc. – Decades Of Success With ACRYLITE®

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From Carnations To Cannabis

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ACRYLITE® Alltop high impact UV filtering

ACRYLITE® Alltop high impact UV transmitting

ACRYLITE® Resist multi-skin

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