ACRYLITE® for Crash-Tested

Areas that are more prone to collisions, such as on highway bridges where safety barriers and the noise barriers attached to them are close to travel lanes, should use Crash-tested systems. With the ACRYLITE® Soundstop TL-4 System, you receive the impact resistance and safety necessary for elevated roadways, while providing unobstructed views to maintain natural aesthetics and light transmission.

  • passes the MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) TL-4 crash test in the US
  • attachment to crash rated concrete barriers
  • excellent sound-reflecting properties

Knoxville, Tennessee

ACRYLITE® Soundstop TL4 noise barrier along Interstate 40 in 4th and Gill Historic Neighborhood.

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Toledo, Ohio

ACRYLITE® Soundstop GS CC TL4 System at Exit 19 on I-475.

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ACRYLITE® Soundstop TL-4 MASH Barrier System