ACRYLITE® for Digital Printing

High-resolution digital printing allows for unlimited design possibilities in almost any application, including signage. When looking for a substrate to print on, look no further than ACRYLITE® acrylic. This material will give a stunning deep-view effect to any print. ACRYLITE® digital print makes digital printing easy as it features a special coextruded layer made exclusively for the purpose of providing good ink adhesion. You can achieve similar results with our premium materials as well, though it is important to remember that this material will need a primer in order to achieve good ink adhesion.

  • capture images in vibrant full color
  • easy to display in a variety of ways
  • half the weight of glass and shatter resistant

For a full product demonstration, watch our video:
Versatility of Acrylic in the Digital Printing Space

Application stories

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Use Acrylic Digital Prints To Jazz Up Your POP Display

An eye-catching POP (point of purchase) display can often be the first step for luring in customers and making a sale. The world of acrylic sheet provides a number of options to accomplish this, such as digital prints, colors, textures, and lighting products, to really jazz up your display.

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ACRYLITE® digital print