ACRYLITE® LED color changing back lit black/white acrylic sheet is known for its unique color-inversion attribute which allows the material to appear dark during the day and illuminate in any color LED used when backlit at night. This material works great for applications such as illuminated signs, exhibition booths, store fixtures, retail displays, special-effect luminous walls, and more. Discover below our top five reasons why you'll want to use this material in your next application! See our product offering here!

1. Fit for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Being an extremely weatherable premium acrylic sheet, this material can withstand the elements of the outdoors for many years of continued use. When it comes to outdoor applications, using this material gives you the upper hand since it eliminates the need for a perforated film.

Traditionally, sign shops would apply a perforated film to a 2447 white sheet. Now with our black/white sheet, it eliminates the need to buy this film, the time to apply it, and the worry about it weathering from the sheet in the field.

2. All the Attributes of ACRYLITE® Premium (FF) Acrylic

This material contains all the characteristics of our premium sheet including its strength, lightweight nature, and durable formulation. Learn more about the physical properties of ACRYLITE® LED color changing back lit acrylic.

3. Less Energy Consumption

Compared to using conventional fluorescent and neon tubes, this material paired with modern LED technology leads to energy savings due to its special pigment formulation allowing it to appear black in daylight and glow in the color of the LEDs at night.

4. Reveal Hidden Imagery

You can create stunning special-effects like revealing hidden images, logos, text, and more with ease when using this material in combination with adhesive vinyl. When the sheet is void of light, the vinyl placed on the back of the sheet won't be seen, but when back lighting is added, a shadow-effect is created revealing the hidden decal.

When white or colored vinyl is placed on the front of the sheet, the decal can be seen when back lighting is off. When the light is turned on, the brightness of the sheet makes the vinyl on the surface of the material appear dark in comparison.

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