Extending Summer With An ACRYLITE® Greenhouse

Faster growth and more intense colors

Hobby gardeners love having a greenhouse in the garden because it extends the gardening season considerably. It provides a protected and sufficiently warm environment for seedlings to grow and, if necessary, for potted plants to survive the winter. ACRYLITE® multi-skin sheets are the optimal roofing material for hobby greenhouses.

The branded acrylic for greenhouses

ACRYLITE® multi-skin sheets are available in a number of variants for different applications. Most suitable for hobby greenhouses are ACRYLITE® Alltop multi-skin sheets, which combine four properties that are crucially important for a greenhouse in a single sheet:

  • High light transmission
  • UV light transmission
  • Thermal insulation
  • Weathering resistance

Glass-like transparency

ACRYLITE® Alltop multi-skin sheets are UV-transparent, transmit the full spectrum of light and, with web spacing of 64 millimeters, offer glass-like transparency. The special NO DROP coating on all ACRYLITE® Alltop surfaces – including within the cavities - prevents formation of water droplets which would obstruct light. This is why plants in ACRYLITE® greenhouses grow all year round in near outdoor conditions while remaining well protected from adverse weather effects. Even hail does not damage the tough multi-skin sheets. The branded acrylic remains clear and shows no yellowing, even after decades; like almost all clear ACRYLITE® sheeting, it is covered by a 30-year non-yellowing warranty.

ACRYLITE® Alltop saves energy

An additional benefit for greenhouse construction is that ACRYLITE® Alltop multi-skin sheets are very good insulators because the closed air chambers serve as an insulating layer. Next to energy savings and reduced heating costs accordingly, this also results in the satisfaction of reducing the environmental impact.

The properties that appeal to hobby gardeners are just as relevant for commercial greenhouses because—in addition to absence of yellowing, long-term light transmission, and UV transparency—effective thermal insulation is an important factor in the energy-efficient cultivation of crops and ornamental plants. It means that less heating is required in winter and less cooling in the summer, which reduces energy costs and protects the environment.

For professional greenhouses, variants of ACRYLITE® multi-skin sheeting other than ACRYLITE® Alltop are available for different purposes and areas of use.

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Extending Summer With An ACRYLITE® Greenhouse