ACRYLITE® for Millwork

Millwork is typically thought to be associated with wood, but when using ACRYLITE® acrylic instead for these applications, it gives a modern and stylish look wood can't match. Whether you are looking to create shelving, cabinetry, doors, or even build a flight of stairs, choose ACRYLITE® for a design that will leave onlookers amazed.

  • add beauty to interior designs
  • increase home value
  • materials are high quality and long-lasting

Application stories

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Style in Sonoma: Cabinets Using ACRYLITE®

Justin Long decided that ACRYLITE® premium clear sheet would be the perfect solution for this space. The 1/4" thick panels not only offered the unique ability to be tinted with translucent green vinyl film but beat out glass with its light weight, workable and durable characteristics.

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