Fire Test Performance

Fire Test Performance
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Fire Test Performance

Roehm America LLC has tested its ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet products for the following:

Category Airplanes Paragraph 25.853 (b-2), Appendix F, Part I, Paragraphs (a), (b), and (e)

Section 25.853Compartment Interiors for Category Airplanes states the following:

Materials (including finishes or decorative surfaces applied to the materials) used in each compartment occupied by the crew or passengers must meet the following test criteria as applicable:

(b-2) Acrylic windows and signs, parts constructed in whole or in part of elastomeric materials, edge lighted instrument assemblies consisting of two or more instruments in a common housing, seat belts, shoulder harnesses, and cargo and baggage tiedown equipment, including containers, bins, pallets, etc., used in passenger or crew compartments, may not have an average burn rate greater than 2.5 inches per minute when tested horizontally in accordance with the applicable portions of Appendix F of this Part, or other approved equivalent methods.

Appendix F, Part I – Test Criteria and Procedures for Showing Compliance with Sec 25.853.

(a) Conditioning. Specimens must be conditioned to 70ºF, +/- 5ºF and at 50% +/- 5% relative humidity until moisture equilibrium is reached or for 24 hours.

(b) Specimen Configuration. Materials must be tested either as a section cut from a fabricated part as installed in the airplane or as a specimen cut from a flat sheet of the material or a model of the fabricated part.

(e) Horizontal Test in compliance with (b-2). A minimum of three specimens must be tested and the results averaged. Each specimen must be supported horizontally. The specimen must be exposed to a Bunsen Burner or Terrill burner with a nominal; three-eighths inch inner diameter to give the flame a 1.5 inch height. The minimum flame temperature in the center of the flame must be 1550°F. The flame must be applied for 15 seconds and then removed.

The table below shows materials that meet these requirements.

Material Thickness (in.) Average Burn Time (sec) Average Burn Rate (in/min)
ACRYLITE® cast acrylic sheet 0.118 557 1.05
ACRYLITE® cast acrylic sheet 0.236 1114 0.55
ACRYLITE® cast acrylic sheet 0.354 1371 0.45
ACRYLITE® cast acrylic sheet 0.472 1691 0.40

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