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Product Properties
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Product Properties

Do you have transparent acrylic that meets MIL-W-80C?

MIL-W-80C is a military specification for anti-electrostatic acrylic sheet. The specification states that the acrylic must conform to MIL-P-5425 and have an anti-electrostatic coating that prevents the sheet from having a "bound electrostatic charge when tested as specified in"

ACRYLITE® GMS acrylic sheet conforms to MIL-P-5425 however, at this time we do not offer an anti-electrostatic coating on any of our products. One solution is to have ACRYLITE® GMS acrylic sheet coated by Scicron (SC) Technologies (800-660-0809) as they are a manufacturer of anti-static coatings that should conform to this MIL-SPEC. You can go to their web site at and download data sheets on the two coatings that should meet MIL-W-80C, AC300 ( a non-thermoformable coating) and AC350 (a thermoformable coating). However, it is important to note that after the ACRYLITE® GMS sheet is coated with one of these products it requires certification testing to MIL-W-80C by either your own facility or any commercial laboratory acceptable to the Government.

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