The 'Glowmaster' Does it Again Using ACRYLITE®

Stacey Leclair, is the owner of Inspire Day Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has her photographs hanging on the walls throughout the spa to encourage the ultimate relaxation experience for her customers. These aren't just any photos though; they have a sleek, light weight, backlit photo frame that adds to the soothing atmosphere of the spa.

In order to achieve the LED light guiding edge lit effect, she outsourced to Ed Sinofsky, who is the owner of Photo Glow. Known as the 'Glowmaster', he has perfected the art of effectively lighting a flat plate of any size. By using ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit colorless 0E011 L and ACRYLITE® non-glare (P99) colorless 0A000 AR, he was able to achieve yet another masterpiece.

This one is featured in the home of one of LeClair's customer's after she spotted it at the Spa and wanted one for herself. It measures 36" x 48". ACRYLITE® LED is mounted on the edges and the rest is covered in non-glare acrylic.

Sinofsky has been back-lighting art since 2003 and is proud that he can provide artists with the same visual effect of mounted art as on their back-lit monitors.

Below is an image of the framed back-light before the print was added.

If you'd like more information about custom sized back-lit art, check out Ed Sinofsky’s website at; this is his specialty after all!


Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Product: ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit colorless 0E011 L & ACRYLITE® non-glare (P99) colorless 0A000 AR

Fabricator: Photo Glow


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