ACRYLITE® at the 2019 Printing United Trade Show

The Printing United® trade show was held in October at the KBH Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. It is one of the largest printing-focused expo's with a goal of bringing awareness to the best new technologies as well as equipping guests with business knowledge to help them grow.

Midwest Regional Manager for ACRYLITE®, Justin Loffio, attended the show and was not disappointed with his discoveries. Take a look at the applications he found featuring ACRYLITE® acrylic at the various booths.

ACRYLITE® at the AXYZ Booth

AXYZ Routers fabricated this 12mm (.472”) ACRYLITE® extruded clear 0A000 sheet. Typically, customers choose to route cast acrylic because it's a thicker material but this was a great example of how thick extruded sheet can successfully be routed to achieve a polished-looking edge as well.

ACRYLITE® at the Mutoh, Mimaki and HP® Booths

At the Mutoh booth, they showed how with every pass over our ACRYLITE® Digital Print Colorless 0M007 sheet, a thin strip of the image is printed then cured with a UV light. This allows for it to print and dry at the same time.

Mimaki printed this design on our ACRYLITE® clear gloss digital print. In order to keep the glossy effect, the black color and text were printed on the backside of the sheet.

Mimaki printed a matte texture on this sheet as well as color and text.

This image was printed by HP®. It was done to show the latest technology called Latex Ink which is a pigmented, water-based ink using their innovative aqueous-dispersed polymer (“Latex”) technology.

Not shown in these applications include our additional ACRYLITE® Digital Print material:

ACRYLITE® Digital Print Mar Resistant 0M007

ACRYLITE® Digital Print Non Glare 0M007

ACRYLITE® Digital Print White WM730

ACRYLITE® at the Mimaki Booth

This was printed by Mimaki on our ACRYLITE® POP Touch Colorless 0A000 which is a heavy matte non-glare sheet. Besides meeting ADA requirements, one of its key benefits is that the surface hides fingerprints and scratches for enhanced service life.

ACRYLITE® at the Canon Booth

Canon printed on ACRYLITE® Digital Print Mirror 0M007 X1.

Printed by Canon as well, the backside of this sheet is mirrorized which makes it possible for a reflective look to show through the sunglasses. The rest of the image was printed on the digital print cap layer on the first surface.

That's all for this time around. If you have any questions about the materials listed in this article, feel free to reach out to Justin directly at

We are excited to see how printing technology grows as we wait for next years trade show!

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