Artist Colin Roberts Holograph Pillow Made From ACRYLITE®

Colin Roberts is an artist expressing the human condition of fragility through his sculptures, drawings, and installations. One of Colin's signature sculptures is his acrylic Holograph Pillow.

The concept originated in 2008 while Colin was studying architectural glass for a client who wanted a glass façade placed in front of his older stucco building. "I was doing concept drawings for him. I became fascinated with the buildings I was studying made of all glass. I began to think about how I could come up with something similar in my own art practice on a smaller scale that would give me the same feeling. I started with green clear acrylic, and now use all colors, the most popular now being the ACRYLITE® 0B008 RT," says Colin.

He creates the Pillows by cutting the acrylic sheet into hundreds of pieces and gluing them together by hand, one by one. The Holograph Pillows differ from the others because they offer incredible visual effects due to the iridescent surface on the acrylic. This surface reflects light and changes colors as the viewer moves around it, creating a rainbow-like appearance.

"It's amazing in that it's able to change over a spectrum of different colors depending on the light and movement. It uses light in a very unique way that's almost impossible to find in other clear products," Colin says.

His acrylic pillow designs, and other works, can be found on his website and in art collections around the world. Follow him on Instagram @colinrobertsart to see where his next ACRYLITE® Holograph Pillow will end up!


Location: Los Angeles, California

Artist: Colin Roberts

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