Magical Exhibition Display Cases

At exhibitions, everyone is competing for visitors' attention. Attracting it means being truly eye-catching – such as with information that seems to float in mid-air.

Bright flashing and sparkling lights can cause sensory overload at exhibitions, where large numbers of competitors are concentrated in a small space. Companies have to present their products as attractively as possible in order to attract potential customers to their booths. Transparent OLED touch screens are ideal for this, seeming to project images, text or films into the air like magic and merge them with the exhibits.

Presentation of the future

“We were commissioned to develop exhibition display cases that were just as exciting and futuristic as the pioneering mobility concepts they were to present on behalf of the Schaeffler AG,” remembers Felix Szak, light panel developer and member of the board at axis GmbH & Co. KG. The result came in the form of several unique exhibition display cases for the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, which stood out thanks to their triangular form and monitor technology. Two of the viewing windows in each display case are made not from glass, but from transparent OLED touch screens.

Truly eye-catching: The images, text and films seem to float in the air as you walk past. And the transparency creates another amazing effect: Because you can look both at and through the monitor at the same time, the information, exhibit and technology meld into a truly unique overall experience.

Eye-catchers on the hunt

However, the fascinating OLED screens have their own special requirements when it comes to the lighting in the display cases. “It was essential that the light did not produce any reflections or glare,” Szak explains. “But of course, it still had to highlight the exhibit in the best possible way.” Furthermore, Schaeffler AG was looking for very high-quality, exclusive illumination for their exhibits – comparable to the lighting in a museum display case. “Presentations in museums are characterized by very high-quality white light, as they aim to display the artifacts as authentically as possible. This was, of course, an additional challenge for us,” says Szak.

In the best light

Museum display cases in particular require especially high lighting quality in order to present the colors and shapes of the exhibits as naturally as possible. Additional highlights are added through the use of light and shadow. This is exactly the impression that Schaeffler AG wanted to create with its exhibition display cases.

© axis GmbH & Co. KG, Copyright Schaeffler AG

Rounded light

Another design element is the illuminated edges of the exhibition display cases. They even guide the light in an arc around the rounded edges - even though light really only travels in straight lines.

© axis GmbH & Co. KG, Copyright Schaeffler AG

The sparkle in the visitors’ eyes

Because of the unusual shape of the display cases and the high standards for the lighting, the customer decided to equip the top of the display case with light panels in a free-form design. The advantage of this is that any shape is possible, so it can be fitted exactly to the shape of the top. Light panels also excel thanks to their high light quality created by ACRYLITE®: The LED light is distributed by a ACRYLITE® LED side-light-emitting panel, a reflector disk in the back of the light panels, and a diffuser made from ACRYLITE®.

“The quality of the LED lighting is almost completely reproduced thanks to the high light saturation of ACRYLITE® LED,” explains Szak. Another advantage is the fact that virtually the entire electronic installation is located within the panel, meaning that only minimal space outside the display case is needed. “This keeps every design option open, as only minimal space needs to be planned for the technical equipment.” All cables and plugs for the exhibition display cases can be fitted into the housing of the display case.

Outstanding quality thanks to ACRYLITE®

The mounts for the exhibits are also made from ACRYLITE®, as the brand acrylic glass elegantly presents the exhibits without stealing the spotlight. “The excellent processability was of particular importance to us,” Szak explains. “We had to be able to tailor the mounts precisely to meet the demands of the exhibits.” The exhibits seem to float in the air as if by magic – as do the explanations that appear on the OLED touch screens. A fascinating sight that undoubtedly enchanted the exhibition visitors.

ACRYLITE® - the best footing

The brand acrylic glass base presents the exhibits in an elegant yet subtle manner.

© axis GmbH & Co. KG, Copyright Schaeffler AG

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