ACRYLITE® for Museum

ACRYLITE® glazing materials protect artifacts, images, artwork and more from fading and decomposition. Our ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering acrylic blocks 99.7% of UV light in the 390nm light range - no other acrylic glazing can compete with this material as it pertains to blocking UV light. ACRYLITE® also offers mar-resistant, non-glare, and anti-reflective options guaranteed to enhance the viewing experience of onlookers. Plus, our materials are easy to clean and will remain crystal clear after many years of use.

  • showcase historic artifacts and treasured memorabilia
  • multiple product options to accommodate high traffic areas
  • preserve and protect against environmental factors that cause deterioration

Application stories

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ACRYLITE® (OP3 MR) Helps Preserve Vietnam War History and Honor Veterans

To preserve the focal point of the exhibit - bunk canvases filled with graffiti messages of love, patriotism, honor, and anxiety written by soldiers, the curators are utilizing Roehm America’s ACRYLITE® (OP3 MR) acrylic sheet. This clear protective covering enables visitors to see the priceless pieces while eliminating the risk of the artifacts becoming damaged.

Close-up of Snow Globe

Giant Snow Globe Showcases the Many Faces of a Famous City

Transparent Chocolate Production

Transparent Protective Shield

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