A Car Wash with A View

In the state of Ohio the Nutter family runs Blue Sky Car Wash. With four locations and a fifth scheduled to open soon, business is thriving. What makes Blue Sky special next to excellent service is its light and airy concept.

Blue Sky opened their first wash in Columbus, Ohio in 2013 and to this day remains a locally owned, family business. Not afraid to venture into unknown territory, owners Amy and Barry Nutter gave up careers in marketing and law enforcement to build up their business. While they had already opened a car wash back in 2006, Blue Sky was to be something new.

Inspiring design

The view of the sky which has become a signature feature of Blue Sky Car Wash is made possible by ACRYLITE® roofing. Major applications of the versatile ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic for roofing are in the residential market (patio covers and enclosures, carports etc.) and in commercial glazing applications such as greenhouse structures, skylights, and recently as a glazing material in a car wash. ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic products are characterized by high light transmission, it is impact modified for ease of handling and installation, and has UV blocking properties for protection from harmful UV rays inside buildings. And for the Nutters it was also an inspiration while trying to come up with a name for their business. Amy was looking for something different: “I found most car wash names a little bland and was trying to come up with a name that was simple and memorable. We thought about what really makes us different from others, that you can see outside. And when are people going to go wash their cars? On sunny days with a blue sky. So that is how we came up with the name”.

Exterior View 1

ACRYLITE® multi-skin for roofing provides a soft natural light.

Photos courtesy of Blue Sky Car Wash

Exterior View 2

ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic has energy savings capabilities that can reduce costs by up to 40 percent.

Photos courtesy of Blue Sky Car Wash

Exterior View 3

ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic has a comprehensive warranty package including 30 year non-yellowing, 10 year light transmission and 10 year hail damage.

Photos courtesy of Blue Sky Car Wash

A pleasant environment

While customers enjoy the bright atmosphere, it is also a pleasant working environment for the family and their employees. Brin Nutter, the eldest son, helps run the day-to-day business of all four locations. “Our first location in 2013 did not use the ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic product. It was just a clear, transparent acrylic roof. In 2017 when we opened our second location, we went with the ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic.

A lighting experience

Photos courtesy of Blue Sky Car Wash

As a specialty product, high impact ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic allows for a soft, natural light. This makes for a bright and pleasing enclosure during the day. The Nutters achieve the most dramatic visual effect, however, at night. After business hours, when it gets dark and the lighting is turned on, the building glows brightly at night. “We love the ability to light the building at night. If we had a regular roof, the effect would not nearly be as eye-catching”, says Amy.

Made to last

ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic is a highly durable material. “We have had zero maintenance on any of our roofs, we haven’t even had a leak. The material has been very reliable and it also has the same appearance as on day one. That also means that we have had no additional cost, and that makes us happy”, says Brin. A comprehensive warranty package including 30-year non-yellowing, 10-year light transmission and 10-year hail damage provide further peace of mind. Its weather resistance, recyclability and non-yellowing qualities also make it a good material from a sustainable point of view, a factor that is also important to the Nutter family. “We do have some equipment that is made of pretty durable plastic but that, over time, does wear and needs to be replaced. And I really struggle with that because it is a lot of waste going into a landfill. So that is an important aspect for me personally and I am happy to know that the roof is strong”, Amy adds. So far, the Nutters’ concept has paid off. And while they are just about to open their fifth location, Brin is already thinking ahead and looking to open further branches. “And, yes, all of them will have ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic material on the roof”, he says.

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