Test Data Results

Test Data Results
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Test Data Results

ACRYLITE® acrylic products that meet FDA Food Packaging Regulations

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates acrylic polymers for food contact under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Part 177, Section 1010 (21 CFR 177.1010).

POLYVANTIS Sanford LLC contracted an independent lab to analyze four ACRYLITE® products for compliance with the regulation. The lab certified the products in the table below meet the FDA requirements for all use conditions up to and including hot filled or pasteurized above 150°F, for all food types except those containing more than 8% alcohol.

**Includes 0A000 Textures: Ribbed , Medium Grain, and Stippled.    
ACRYLITE® Premium (FF) sheet Clear, 0A000 All**
ACRYLITE® Gallery (FF3) sheet Clear, 0A000 All**
ACRYLITE® cast sheet Clear, 0F00 0.118" through 0.500"
ACRYLITE® Resist 45 extruded sheet Clear, 0RA45 All
ACRYLITE® Resist 65 extruded sheet Clear, 0RA65 All

Note: Only clear (colorless) products have been tested and approved for food contact.

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