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Test Data Results
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Test Data Results

ADA compliant ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet

POLYVANTIS Sanford LLC's ACRYLITE® POP Touch acrylic sheet, ACRYLITE® Gallery non-glare (P99) acrylic sheet, ACRYLITE® Satinice acrylic sheet and ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering non-glare (OP3 P99) acrylic sheet shall meet the requirements for Finish and Contrast (Section 4.30.5) specified in the American Disabilities Act. This section states that:

  • "the characters and backgrounds of signs shall be eggshell, matte, or other non-glare finish"

In Section A4.30.5, Finish and Contrast, it states that:

  • "an eggshell finish (11 to 9 degree gloss on 60 degree glossimeter) is recommended"

It is very important to note that the requirement is only for an "eggshell, matte or other non-glare finish". The gloss range suggested is a recommendation, not a requirement. For your information, typical gloss measurements for the above ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet products are:

ACRYLITE® UV filtering non-glare (OP3 P99) acrylic sheet 110 140
ACRYLITE® non-glare (P99) acrylic sheet 75 110
ACRYLITE® POP Touch acrylic sheet 12 30
ACRYLITE® Satinice acrylic sheet 1 5

A standard smooth sheet will usually have values of about 140 at 20-degree gloss.

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