ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering non-glare (OP3 P99) colorless 0B000 AR

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  • 91.9% Light Transmission
  • UV Filtering
  • Non-glare surface (one-sided)



Soft matte finish helps minimize glare & reflection

Designed to reduce glare when acrylic is flush against images

Same UV filtering characteristics of ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP3)

As low as $0.00 / sqft

Cutting Fees Apply


ACRYLITE® UV filtering non-glare (OP3 P99) acrylic combines UV filtering characteristics found in ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP3) acrylic sheet with a non-glare matte finish. Learn more about ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering non-glare (OP3 P99) in the ACRYLITE® for Framing Product Portfolio.

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