Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance
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Care & Maintenance

How to properly store acrylic sheet to avoid damage

Skids and cases of ACRYLITE® sheet are shipped with polyethylene film overwrap. This protects the sheet from dirt and moisture. The overwrap should be left intact during storage to minimize warpage. Acrylic sheets should be stored vertically or in special racks where the sheet can lean at an angle of approximately 10º. These angled racks should have plywood panels, which give full support to the material.

If ACRYLITE® sheet is stored horizontally; it must not be allowed to sag. Care must be taken to prevent chips or dirt from becoming lodged between the sheet as the weight of the material can force these chips through the protective masking and damage the sheet. If various sizes are stacked horizontally, the larger sheet should be at the bottom to avoid unsupported overhang.

ACRYLITE® sheets should not be stored near radiators or steam pipes or other heat sources, as heat tends to soften and deform acrylic sheet. Do not store acrylic sheets near spray painting booths or expose it to other solvent vapors which may penetrate the masking and damage the sheet surface.

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