Working with ACRYLITE®

Working with ACRYLITE®
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Working with ACRYLITE®

Thermoforming considerations

Some basic things to consider when thermoforming are:

1. Sheet Requirements - Quality parts require quality sheet. Ensure that sheet meets any required specification. Any specific needs of the sheet (eg., polycarbonate needs to be pre-dried).

2. Forming Environment - Ensure a clean area that is free of drafts.

3. Heating - Ensure even heating to proper temperature. Has heating apparatus been calibrated? Are sample sheets tested for proper temperature? Right temperature for right product (different manufacturers have different recommendations for their individual sheet.)

4. Mold and Tooling - Mold surface free from defects/dirt. Mold at proper temperature. Adequate vacuum (Initial 29-in Hg, during cycle 25-in Hg).

You can find more information in our tech brief on thermoforming.

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