ACRYLITE® for Distancing Applications

ACRYLITE® makes the perfect barrier for food shields, sneeze guards, cubicle extenders, and other distancing applications. ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet is half the weight of glass, twenty times the impact strength of annealed glass, and can be easily fabricated. Material transparencies ranging from crystal-clear, frosted, and markerboard ensures you will get exactly what you need.

We know each application requires different properties and we want to help you choose the right material based on your preferences. Below, you can browse through application stories and our recommended materials for this application to ensure you're making the right choice for your social distancing needs!

Application stories

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A New Normal for the 'Open Floor Plan' in a Local Orthodontics Office

Many orthodontic offices use an open floor plan for routine work on braces. In the past, this was not considered a hazard in regards to the spread of germs. Now, there's a new normal that can't be overlooked.

ACRYLITE® for The Longest Sneeze Guard Title

ACRYLITE® Formed Into A Trifold Desk Partition

ACRYLITE® Framed Multi-Skin Barrier for Orthodontist Office

ACRYLITE® Freestanding Desk Partitions Create Distance With Ease

ACRYLITE® In The Community: Anchorage By The Sea Is Ready For The Tourists

ACRYLITE® In The Community: Custom Barrier For A Perfect Fit

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ACRYLITE® Satinice optimum light diffusion

ACRYLITE® Alltop high impact UV filtering

ACRYLITE® Optical mar-resistant

ACRYLITE® markerboard


Golf cart with clear impact resistant windshield

ACRYLITE® Resist sheet