ACRYLITE® films for microfluidic applications

Product characteristics

High transmission

ACRYLITE® films for microfluidic applications provide excellent light transmission and brilliance due to a low intrinsic absorption. ACRYLITE® 0F301 is especially suitable to perform for analytics in the UV wavelength.

Transmission 0F301 > 90 % (315 nm)

Transmission 0F302 = 21 % (315 nm)


ACRYLITE® is known for its very good biocompatibility as it is already used for diagnostic applications.


ACRYLITE® has the highest surface energy amongst other polymers used in microfluidics. This allows a laminar flow in the microchannels.


Both ACRYLITE® films can be easily processed by laser cutting and laser welding.


The following bonding-processes are suitable:

  • Thermal bonding
  • Solvent bonding
  • Laser welding
  • Ultra sonic welding


Clean-room conditions

An important point for microfluidic devices: Roehm has the possibility to produce under clean-room conditions.

Masking-films on both sides

Masking-films can be applied per customer’s needs.

In-house cutting

The customer ask and Roehm delivers. In-house cutting by Roehm allows customers to have their individual requirements met. The customer gets an all-in-one quality product and service by Roehm.

Available ACRYLITE® film thickness

Technical data