Industry Solutions

Acrylic products are omnipresent. From lighting solutions to signs and design applications. Aquariums & pools, picture frames, and greenhouses are all made from our acrylic material. ACRYLITE® offers customized acrylic panels, tubes and rods. All are available for simple online configuration and sale. Find the right product for your requirements by browsing our industry sections now.

Frenchies inside acrylite architecture
Operating under the Guiding Principles of Responsible Care®, we strive to continuously improve our health, safety, and environmental performances. For structural or decorative, indoors or out, on the ground or overhead and many more projects.
Acrylite Satinice flowers in childrens hospital
At trade shows and in store fixture construction, ACRYLITE® creates high-class brand ambiances. Our product can enhance collections or trends, from logos to complete store designs. Learn more about Design Solutions with ACRYLITE®
ACRYLITE non glare lady looking at framed image
Find just the right material for your frames, art or gallery. Learn more about Acrylic for Framing by ACRYLITE® with non-glare, mar resistant, UV filtering and more cut-to-size acrylic material for your custom requirements.

noise barrier by acrylite
Noise Barriers
ACRYLITE® Soundstop is a weather stable material offering effective noise control and wind protection Warrantied for 30 years, the panels are sound-reflecting, impact-resistant, and highly transparent.
curved aquarium block acrylite
Aquarium & Pool
No matter the application, ACRYLITE® block makes a powerful statement. Its undistorted view enhances a product or message without distracting from it. Crystal clear ACRYLITE® block has high mechanical and chemical resistance.
acrylite signs bryant restaurant
Signs and the material they are made of are the most essential instrument for wayfinding. Find solutions for Exterior & Interior Signage with customized ACRYLITE® material for your Sign Project.

Greenhouse panels for commercial facility
As the world leader in acrylic technology, ACRYLITE® multiwall and wave profile products have consistently outperformed other greenhouse materials in commercial, institutional, research and retail greenhouse facilities throughout the world.
helicopter red acrylite
As the world leader in acrylic technology and sheet manufacturing facilities. ACRYLITE® and EUROPLEX™ come together to meet the aircraft transparencies and the aircraft interior needs of the aviation markets.
Sunroom with acrylite acrylic sheet
Residential Enclosures
With our range of enclosure options you can easily create a multi-season sunspace that stays cool in blazing summer heat and cozy on frigid winter days. Get the protection you want while still enjoying the sun's natural light.

light guide edge lit conference room ceiling light
Lighting is much more than just brightness. It should create an atmosphere and give rooms and the items within it unmistakable character. Whether the setting is residential, industrial or commercial, lighting has many functions to perform.
ACRYLITE® Prismatic for Skylights
Skylights can increase the amount of natural light in residential, public, and commercial buildings. Beautiful skylights can be achieved using ACRYLITE® Prismatic acrylic sheet for long-lasting installations and energy saving results.