Tech Briefs

Maintaining and fabricating acrylic can be challenging. To support you with our experience and know-how, we created Tech Briefs. Those help guide you through all kinds of possibilities to process acrylic.

maintain and care for acrylic
How to maintain and care for acrylic?
Maintainig and caring for acrylic: For you to get the most out of your material we explain recommended storage, how to use plastic scratch remover & more.
Cutting Acrylic Sheet
How to cut acrylic?
Cutting acrylic sheet guide for your projects. Learn how to chose the correct saw blade size and much more.
Drilling Acrylic
How to drill acrylic?
Drilling acrylic with any commercially available, power-driven equipment is acceptable. Learn more about trouble shooting, particularities and best practice here.

Routing Acrylic
How to rout acrylic?
Learn procedures of routing acrylic, using the correct router bits and other equipment for your project. Including trouble shooting when routing acrylic.
edge and surface finishing acrylic
How to polish acrylic?
Find the right equipment for edge and surfacing finishing your acrylic. We show you how to use polishing compounds, acrylic edge polishing machines and more.
Bending acrylic
How to line bend acrylic?
Learn more about line bending acrylic, the tools you need and the best practice. This guide offers comprehensive trouble shooting.

cementing acrylic
How to cement acrylic?
Acrylic Products can be joined to itself or other acrylic surfaces. Learn more about the cements and the best practice.
Painting and Printing on Acrylic sheet
How to paint on acrylic?
Learn how to paint & print on acrylic sheet with the right equipment and material, procedures and trouble shooting.
Thermoforming Acrylic
How to thermoform acrylic?
How thermoforming acrylic works correctly: A comprehensive guide about heating & cooling, conditions and possible issues.

Machining Acrylic
How to machine acrylic?
Machining acrylic sheet and plastic step-by-step guide: Learn everything about the tools, best parctice procedures & trouble shooting when plastic machining.
annealing acrylic
How to anneal acrylic?
This guide gives you advice for when to anneal acrylic, what equipment is needed and provides comprehensive trouble shooting.
Laser Cutting Acrylic
How to laser machine acrylic?
Learn more about laser cutting acrylic, what equipment is needed, and the best practices. This guide also offers comprehensive trouble shooting.