ACRYLITE® Reflections Product Portfolio

ACRYLITE® Reflections acrylic sheet is the highest quality acrylic mirror available. Lightweight, shatter resistant, and easy to fabricate, this sheet is a glass-quality mirror with all the advantages of acrylic. Along with our mirrored acrylic which comes in a variety of colors, we have a superior mirror grade specifically designed for the marine grade market. Lastly, we offer an iridescent sheet for those applications needing an extra shimmer in place of a mirrored surface. Check out the ACRYLITE® Reflections portfolio below.

Explore the ACRYLITE® Reflections Product Portfolio

Reflections Mirror

ACRYLITE® Reflections acrylic sheet has a reflective finish and tough protective backing. This family of mirrorized products exceeds the quality, durability and performance of any mirrorized acrylic product on the market today. It can come in classic silver or colored. In addition to smooth and high-gloss surfaces, several metallic satin grades are available which are resistant to finger prints and scratches. The classic silver sheet is also available with a one-side hard coated surface which offers excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals. This material is shipped with a standard polyethylene masking is on one side of the sheet; two-sided polyethylene masking is available.

Reflections may not be suitable for use in some outdoor environments. Before using outdoors, contact Roehm America’s Technical Service department for more information.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including n-methylpyrrolidone, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to Prop 65 Warning.

Reformulated Backing

ACRYLITE® Reflections acrylic sheet features a backing that has recently been reformulated to provide the ultimate protection to the mirrors surface through installation, fabrication, and use.

Full size sheets (49”x97”) may contain backing material overspray on the edge of the acrylic. This does not impact the performance of the sheet.

See the Reformulated Backing section under 'Marine Grade' to learn more of the benefits of this enhanced backing and how it held up in the hot-water soak test.


  • POP displays and store fixtures
  • Interior design and architectural applications
  • Consumer/household uses
  • Recreational vehicles (interior applications)
  • Commercial transportation, lavatories, gyms, staterooms, and crew quarters

Application Stories


In some instances, the fabrication of ACRYLITE® Reflections mirror acrylic sheet can provide better results if the orientation of the decorative surface is taken into account during fabrication. See detailed techniques specific to Fabricating ACRYLITE® Reflections Acrylic Sheet.

Marine Grade

ACRYLITE® Reflections Marine Grade is a superior level of acrylic mirror from the reflections product family designed specifically for the marine industry. This U.S. manufactured acrylic sheet is lightweight, shatter-resistant, and UV absorbent. It is also double inspected to ensure that each mirror sheet exceeds the quality of any mirrorized acrylic product on the market today. This material features the same reformulated backing as ACRYLITE® Reflections mirrored acrylic and is shipped with paper masking on both sides.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including n-methylpyrrolidone, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to Prop 65 Warning.

Packaging - Case and Quarter Pallets

Custom colors available on request – minimums may apply

Color Catalog & Product Specifications

ACRYLITE® Reflections Marine is offered in classic silver (colorless). An optional abrasion resistant coating is also available which offers excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

Reformulated Backing

Along with ACRYLITE® Reflections mirror, our marine grade acrylic features this new backing that offers many benefits such as:
  • A smooth and glossy feel, excellent for sliding sheets during fabrication
  • A thicker layer of protective backing that prevents mars and scratching from being seen on the mirrors surface
  • Superior adhesion, even in hot and humid applications

The results from our hot-water soak test, shown to the left, reveal that this reformulated mirror backing does indeed have superior adhesion to the acrylic mirror making it humidity and corrosion resistant. After 10 days in a climate of 140 degree F, ACRYLITE® Reflections mirror backing outperforms our domestic competitor material. Similar results were shown during the salt-water soak test and corrosion test.

Full size sheets (49”x97”) may contain backing material overspray on the edge of the acrylic. This does not impact the performance of the sheet.

Mar Resistant Coating Option

Our 0A000 XMG sheet includes a mar resistant coating on the non-mirrored side of the sheet offering protection against marring and scratching from every day public contact, daily cleanings, and airborne dirt and dust that are found in many applications. This property significantly extends the service life of the product. Although the coating provides an extremely hard surface to resist these issues, it is not resistant to intentional gouging with sharp tipped objects, such as knives or screwdrivers.


  • Interior cabins
  • High end boats and yachts


This material can be routed, saw cut, laser cut, cemented, mounted, line bent, or drilled using the same machining parameters and equipment that are recommended for use with all ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet. However, in some instances better results can be obtained if the orientation of the surface is considered during fabrication. See detailed techniques specific to Fabricating ACRYLITE® Marine Grade Acrylic Sheet.


Rainbows never cease to fascinate us. We gaze at them in wonder and amazement. With their brilliant colors and awesome dimensions, they capture the attention of children and adults alike. Take advantage of this magical play of colors for your displays, signs, and store fixtures by using ACRYLITE® Reflections iridescent acrylic sheet.

This material magically shimmers with iridescent colors that change with the viewing perspective without the use of specialty lighting. It is a beautiful addition to the ACRYLITE® sheet product line and a real inspiration for all designers and creative professionals.

Features and Benefits

  • Changes color depending on the viewing angle
  • Uses ambient light to create its own lighting effects
  • Produces mirror-like reflections
  • Shines in every color of the rainbow
  • Easy to saw, mill, drill, bend, and polish

Important Notes

  • The coated surface is protected by a clear masking film. The uncoated surface has blue masking film.
  • Scratches cannot be polished off the coated surface. Please make sure not to scratch that surface.
  • This Radiant sheet is meant for indoor use. It has only limited resistance to outdoor exposure.
  • Store the sheet horizontally on a perfectly flat surface. Do not store vertically or near heat sources.
  • This product has been reformulated and does not match the old 0A008 RT.

Product Specifications

This sheet is available in size 48" x 96" and in .118" (3.0mm) thickness.


This sheet offers excellent solutions for the following applications:

  • POP displays
  • Signs
  • Store fixtures/displays
  • Dynamic trade show booths

Application Stories


This material has a surface coating on one side that is responsible for the lighting effects. The following recommendations take this special feature into account during handling and fabrication.

It can be fabricated with the same parameters and equipment as standard acrylic sheet. Correct positioning of the coated surface is essential in order to obtain perfect fabrication results.


Clean with mild soap and lukewarm water or ACRIFIX® AC 1010 Anti-Static Cleaner. Use a soft, clean cloth and gentle pressure (no rubbing). Make sure not to scratch the coated surface, because scratches cannot be removed by polishing this side of the sheet.


It can be sawn, drilled, milled, and edge-machined like standard ACRYLITE® premium acrylic sheet, provided the coated surface is positioned at the correct angle to the machining tool. Make sure that the cutting tools used for sawing, drilling, routing, and edge treatment enter the coated surface and exit through the uncoated surface. Refer to ACRYLITE® fabrication manuals for details.


Adhesives suitable for standard ACRYLITE® premium sheet are also compatible with ACRYLITE® Reflections iridescent sheet. Since our iridescent sheet is partially transparent, it is important that adhesive joints remain almost invisible on the uncoated surface.

The uncoated surface can be easily bonded to our standard sheet, providing comparable final bond strength. However, the final bond strength does differ noticeably when bonds are made with the coated surface. The bond with the coated surface can be improved to a certain extent using cyanoacrylate adhesives. Where high bond strengths are required, we recommend removing the surface coating in the area to be bonded. If polyester tape is used to assist with bonding, please remove the strips of tape carefully after bonding is completed, pulling them off from the surface towards the edge. That avoids delamination of the coating at the edges.

ACRIFIX® Special Bonding Agents manufactured by Roehm are the perfect complement for cementing ACRYLITE sheet products. When bonding the uncoated side of ACRYLITE® Reflections iridescent sheet, ACRIFIX® 1S 0117 Pure or ACRIFIX® 1S 2105 Express are recommended. These solvent cements have superior capillary action for better flow through, and dry quickly with a strong bond and attractive appearance. ACRIFIX® 1S 0117 is the only non-methylene chloride solvent cement in the North American market.

Linear Heating/Line-Bending

This sheet can be bent simply and quickly on standard line-bending machines. For best results, the coated side of the sheet should be on the side exposed to tensile stress (outer side of bend). At small bending radii, heat the uncoated side of the sheet. At large bending radii of more than 90°, it is advisable to heat the coated side.

Thermoforming/Stretch Forming

This product can be thermoformed to obtain a variety of shapes. If only one side of the sheet is heated, the coated surface should face the heat source. It is also suitable for moderate stretch forming using compressed air.

In this case, and during thermoforming, the coated surface of the sheet should be on the side exposed to tensile stress (outer side). Depending on the degree of stretching, the rainbow effect may be diminished. We therefore advise you to conduct preliminary trials. The recommended forming temperature is between 290 to 320 °F.

Flame Polishing

The sheet can be flame-polished under the same conditions as standard acrylic sheet. For best results, flame-polish stacked sheet. The coated surfaces should face inwards, to protect them from the flame. If you would like to flame-polish individual sheets, we recommend placing the sheet with the coated surface on a sheet of standard acrylic for better protection.

For packaging information on these products, visit the ACRYLITE® packaging page.